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Why Men Withdraw from Relationships

Why Men Withdraw from Relationships

To stop relationships cause must exist. Situation when everything is bad is consequence of problem, but not the problem itself. The main cause of such a situation is the working of programs which have been changing.

In this case discussed social consequences are prompted by biological causes, by working of programs. Working of programs is inconspicuous, and as a result in most of situation the pair, who want to stop relationships, cannot explain the real causes of appearing aversion and annoyance. We will not consider situations, caused by social circumstances, and variants of deviated or unhealthy relationships.

As it was written before, men do not have inclination to withdraw from relationship, they have natural inclination to accumulate women. (Sex and Rank, 19) The main cause for men to stops relationships is women's poor health, which can be real or imitated. (SaR, 30) Below some popular variants are discerned, which caused by healthy changing in working of healthy programs. Additionally, if some deviations exist they work as amplifiers of problems and stresses.


Suppressing of man by woman
Suppressing of man by woman is the most popular cause of man withdraws from relationships. Women have a natural inbuilt program to test alpha on durability. (SaR, 33) This is made by organization of provocations. These acts of women's aggression have meaning to suppress men. In this case suppression means to provoke stress and loss of self-control. If man loss self-control it means that man is not real alpha. “I had seen a fur coat, but you never ever will have such a money to buy it for me”. In this case woman does not want a fur coat, woman want to test the man. This is a provocation to test pseudo-alpha on durability. (SaR, 41)

These actions do not suppose to make man to be submissive. These actions suppose the other pretenders supersede the suppressed alpha. Sometimes woman understands what she is doing something wrong, but she cannot hold oneself in check. Program of testing of alpha suppresses her consciousness.

Most of cases of provocation are happened when woman suspect of alpha is not real. Pseudo-alpha (25-35 years) really is not real, by definition it is pseudo-alpha. Because pseudo-alpha is not real, woman often can get him suppressed. Man gets suppressed, stressed, sometimes becomes aggressive. During the fit of aggression man often lose self-control, and the loss of self-control is accepted by woman as addition sign that alpha is not real.

Sometimes situation is aggravated by social relations. Problem is that soft suppression is socially and legally permitted, but hard suppression is prohibited. But most of men do not handle with technique of soft suppression. In the case of hard suppression, in the case of using of physical force police appear. Besides some men think that using of physical force cannot be tolerated because it humiliate men themselves.

Young pseudo-alphas are suppressed quicker and easier than mature; pseudo-alphas without social status quicker and easier than those who possesses it. If pair lives on the wife's territory, man is suppressed very quickly.

Reaction of man to the suppression depends on his internal alpha-parameters, which is innate and is changing with age. Real alpha is enough to looks on woman and says something to stop suppression behavior. Almost real alpha probably will speak hard or use physical force. Pseudo-alpha with standard parameters will sometimes bear situation, then withdraw from relationships. For such a pseudo-alpha is simpler to go to escape than to suppress woman.

In such situations pseudo-alphas do not find other partner, but wait some time to rehabilitate themselves. Sometimes they are back to woman, but then they to go to escape again.
Man without alpha-qualities becomes henpecked husband. But this is a deviation; we do not discern deviation situations.

Treatment depends on social relations and alpha-parameters. For young pairs treatment is impossible. Woman's provocation of this type is true woman's behavior – alpha must be tested. And hard force reaction of man on those provocations is right behavior too. Suppression of these behaviors leads to stresses and indifference.


Switching of woman's programs
It is second popular cause for men withdraw from relationships.
Healthy woman has program of partner changing. (SaR, 21) Woman cannot control running of this program. Woman's programs – but not the woman's consciousness – want to change the chosen one for alpha, or woman has to find real alpha and want to change her pseudo-alpha. But woman's consciousness does not want to change partner. This is a typical conflict of the conscious and the unconscious. Woman suppress her own the unconscious (her programs). As a result behavior of woman is changing, and man is understanding that something is going wrong.

Social factors can aggravate situation. For example, woman is followed to traditional values. Woman begins to read book like “How to keeps family”. Woman advises with female friends, but female friends know nothing about unconscious programs. Woman comes to psychologist and asks how to keep family or relationships. Psychologist give advices how to keep family, which cannot be kept, because they are paid for answers how to keep family. Advices do not work.

Woman has got stress situation. Woman hides stress situation. Man feel that something is wrong. Then man has got stress too. In such a cases neither woman, nor man cannot understand the causes of discomfort.
Woman in this condition is perceived by man as a source of his own stress. Stress is transferred on the relationships, and then on the man.
Sometimes women use suppression techniques like in abovementioned first case.
Treatment is impossible. Changing of partner is inevitable.


Switching of man's programs
In the young pairs partners are equal. The older man has been begun, the more his programs want status growth. Demands for woman's submissiveness becomes higher with age. If relationships “woman – the chosen one” or “woman – pseudo-alpha” were equal, such relationships do not satisfy man who has been become alpha anymore. Man needs more woman's submissiveness. If man does not get woman's submissiveness, it is led to discomfort. (SaR, 40) But, of course, man does not know the cause of it.

Woman is always oriented on keeping of statuses. Conflict of statuses has to appear. Man has been become annoyed by woman's behavior, although that behavior was satisfying for him before.
Treatment: real increasing of man's status in society. Then increasing of level of woman's submissiveness accordingly new man's status.


Social aspect.
In the modern society it is accepted to suppress the programs. Almost every book on relationships teaches how to suppress the programs. Almost every book on relationships teaches to keep such relationships, but sometimes right decision is to stop these cracked relationships. Such a situation creates a cornucopia for psychologists and other “relationships specialists”.

Programs cannot be corrected, programs can be only suppressed. Suppressing of some program has a result of whole suppressing of man. There is opinion from Freud what programs can be corrected. But programs cannot be corrected because they are gene code. Gene code cannot be corrected.

After a reiterated suppression man turns up into vegetable-man. No strong feelings and no problems will be. Some men find this state normal and comfortable. To suppress programs or not is the decision of free will.


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