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Notion of programs

Notion of programs

1. How we can see programs?

Bee finds flower. If bee has found flower, bee collects nectar.
Woman finds alpha-male. If woman has found alpha-male, woman submits.
Who give bee a command to find flower?
Who give woman a command to submit?
Is it instinct?
But this instinct is a set of actions.
Set of action is a program.
So, programs give commands to find flower and to submit.
Who did bee and woman program?
Nobody did it.
Programs are inherited.
Then, programs are genetic code.

2. Which types of programs are?

To find a flower is an execute program.
To identify flower is a cognitive program.
Cognitive program needs a pattern to compare.
Pattern can be only innate.
Program is a set of actions, or an analyzer of a set of data.
Program can be executed or can run execution of the other program.
Program can be executive and cognitive.

3. How programs are made?

Programs need to contain a set of data.
Programs are complex.
Complex programs cannot be realized by one gene.
Program of identification of flower must have the whole gestalt of flower.
Then, programs are many genes and system of genes.
Program need carrier.
Computer program has hard drive as a carrier.
Biological program need carrier too.
One possible carrier for biological program is a part of brain, or a set of cells of brain and links between them.

4. Where programs are?

Programs located as

1. Genetic code. (DNA code).
2. Part of brain which is programmed by genetic code.

Where are programs precisely?
It is a task for neuroscientists.
Psychologists use programs as black boxes.
Programs are complex.

One gene can be part of some programs.
Programs can have subprograms. And subsubsubprograms.
(Subprogram is a part of a program that can be designed and tested independently (Def.))
One subprogram can be part of some programs.
Some programs can have duplicated or N-plicated subprograms.
Duplicates can work as spare parts if one of duplicates doesn’t work.
Duplicates can work as amplifiers of program activity.


5. How programs work?

Program gets data, and then gives command to act or runs another program.
Data for program can be data of another program, on/off data, hormonal data and energy data.

On/off data can be hormonal data.


-run find flower
-find flower: fly
-something is found
--run cognitive program
--data of something downloaded
--data of gestalt activated
--is something is equal to gestalt?
-if yes goto run collect nectar
-if no goto  run find flower


-run find alpha-male
-find alpha-male
-man is found
--run cognitive program
--data of man downloaded
--data of gestalt of alpha-male activated
--is man is equal to gestalt?
-if yes goto run submit to
-if no goto run ignore

6. About programs

Can program be changed?
No, program is genetic code, it cannot be changed.
Can action of program be suppressed?
Yes, action of program can be suppressed by conditional reflexes (unconsciously) and by will (consciously).
Can program be managed for run or stop?
Yes, program can be managed in some limits by changing of hormonal or energy data.

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