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Who rules America and how?

Who rules America and how?

Sergei Morozov
¿Quién manda en Estados Unidos y de qué modo? Por Sergei Morozov.

The answer: an accumulated momentum of processes. An answer that is correct, yet disappointing. It must be people! Of course, it's people. However, people exert control within the limits of momentum-generating processes.

Rockefeller's granddaughter can't marry Rockefeller's grandson. You can't marry a member of your own clan. But she has to be married to someone, and not just married off, but given a choice. A group is needed. And not just a group, but a group of matching size and status. This group needs to hold joint events where the aforementioned granddaughter will be able to make her choice. This group is a tribe. That is to say, the Rockefeller clan, by exchanging mates with other clans, forms the Rockefeller tribe. Tribes align into a hierarchical structure. Further on, as tribes exchange mates, connections come about and from them a bio-nation emerges.

The word "nation" has a multitude of meanings. The most common one is "citizens of a country". But in biology and its derivatives groups must have blood relations by way of exchange of mates. In biology a nation is a conglomerate of tribes, which engages in exchange of mates. To avoid confusion, it's better to call such a nation a bio-nation. Thus, a bio-nation is a group within the limits of which most of the mate exchange takes place.

With this we realize that in the modern world, together with all the modern structures, or rather, in the shadow thereof, there exists an archaic world of clans, tribes and bio-nations. This is where the beginnings of control should be sought.

Marriages are made within tribes. This is why social mobility can take one no further than the border of the next tribe's territory. Reaching the top through social mobility takes several successful generations. You don't need to be a billionaire. A few millions will suffice for a start. And if you do have billions, you'll still have to wait, just in case. Billy Gates isn't welcome, and neither are any of the other nerds. If a clan manages to survive for three or four generations while achieving maximum success, its members may be invited to the Rockefeller tribe. Invited just for the purpose of giving Rockefeller's granddaughter someone to choose from.

Clans and tribes need a place to live. They live in their bio-nations. Clans are related by blood to bio-nations through the exchange of mates. At the top levels of hierarchy, each individual belongs to a clan, a clan and a bio-nation. On the lower levels people only belong to the bio-nation. Clans, tribes, bio-nations. One does not simply enter those structures. One can only be born into them.

The "big family" of Bush. A "big family" is a clan

Now, let's take a look at the American bio-nations. WASPs, Jews, the Irish, Italians, Scots. These bio-nations overwhelmingly marry within themselves. They have the necessary numbers and their own national cultures. By the way, all of them, except the Italians, are English speakers. Italians were united by struggle for resources - they were the last to arrive and had to fight hard. They never got to the top.

The white American bio-nation consists of the descendants of German, French and Eastern Slavic peoples, including Russians. These ethnicities did not form their own bio-nations in America - they built a single new bio-nation - the proverbial melting pot. The structures of this bio-nation are weakly expressed - it's too numerous for that. There are clans, but almost no tribes. They are the people who cast their votes back and forth between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Aside from nations, there is a white mass belonging to no nation in particular. They are the single families who do not maintain contacts with their national groups. There are practically no such families among the rich. However, if a person without a tribe makes something of himself, he may be accepted into a low-level clan through marriage.

Latin Americans and Afro-Americans don't have nations - only independent clans. (For the same reason "Islamic Nation" became such a widespread ideal.) Other small groups also have clans, e.g. the Greek. Native Americans and some religious groups such as the Amish or the Mormons, also have tribal structures. Notably, the actual structures correspond to the formal ones.

Thus, the population of America is an alliance of bio-nations. In a way it's similar to the united Europe, except there are no governmental structures. Instead, they have their own bio-national shadow governments which consist of the most powerful members of a bio-nation.

The tribal structure is a nation's skeleton. Without it, a nation quickly devolves into a mass. A mass is nothing when faced against those actual structures - it's a non-entity, an object to be manipulated. All events are initiated by clans and tribes. They are the ones that place individuals liked by the mass at the head of formal structures. If the mass demands a monkey, they will place there a monkey.

Control has two components: decision-making and splitting of profits. Decision-making is limited to the level of the main clans and tribes. They also get the biggest share of the profits. After that, the profits are first spread between the bio-nations of the top clans and tribes, and finally go to the whole American nation.

The owners of the world are those individuals who are making a profit from such ownership or simply from the existing world order. Those profits are not shared equally. Members of ruling families, clans and tribes get the biggest cuts. Mostly they are WASPs and Jews, but not exclusively. Then come members of ruling tribes - they too are members of lineal structures, but of a lower status. Members of a single tribe are distributed between various corporations and government structures. The next level of the owners of the world are the bio-nations. A political nation receives jobs and social welfare.

Money always has numerous relatives. Rich families always maintain more levels of kinship than poor ones. Moreover, clans, which are typically centered around a male lineage, nowadays include women as well, which automatically forms a tribe.

The most important part of resource control is distribution of people. For example, take a family with a 1 billion capital. It isn't much, but provided they have a reputation, it's sufficient for them to be accepted as one of America's owners. The family consists of 10 people and there are 20 relatives who do not possess capital. Almost all family members work. They work high-paying jobs - directors, high-level managers and high-level administrative officials. Diversification doesn't apply to just financial assets - it also applies to human ones. While some work in the media, others are busy developing new technology. With their level of income, the existing 1 billion isn't even needed to cover their expenses. The billion is a part of America, and a part of the world - a part that they own. Most of it is invested into shares. When those shares make a profit, the resulting money is used for significant pufchases like real estate or a yacht, or is reinvested back into shares. When they don't, nothing is really lost - after all, significant purchases don't have to be made every year. When one of the young ones desires to run a newspaper, a controlling stake of a newspaper gets bought. When another decides to work with high-tech, a tech startup is bought. It wouldn't be correct to say that all control is in the hands of bankers and corporations. It's in the hands of clans, which have people in every important structure, including banks, corporations, political parties, the media and governments. Clans are numerous and there's always enough people. A clan's strength lies in the synchronization of control in all significant positions. Further on, the tribes of those clans may be included in the control. Yet further - the bio-nations. The synchronized power of the clan-tribe-bio-nation structure is what creates the illusion of a supernatural force that seems to be running the world.

Clans are stable because they are based on a wide foundation

So what do the rulers of the world want? They can't desire something bigger than the world, so their primary idea is to maintain the existing order of things. But the world is constantly changing. The essence of control can be summed as providing answers to challenges from the environment, as reacting to change. The goal is to force everything to remain as it is, because it is their world.

The reunion of Jimmy Carter's "big family". 800 people

Sometimes people talk of a "world government". But when you look at the positions that ruling clans hold, the need for a world government simply disappears. The reason - nothing can stand above these clans. They hold their meetings without any formal protocol. They also have no need to delegate their powers to anyone by virtue of few numbers.

Top: Rockefeller explains to president Ford why he is wrong. The president is visibly upset

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  1. ....ane here come Bitcoin :))) END GAMES

  2. Sergei, this is full of holes. For one thing, the Italian families were all through the Democratic party machines in the eastern cities, running the megalopolises in the 1800s-1900s (Guliani, anyone? NYC belonged to the Italians). The Italians were "white" before the Irish were "white" in America, and they spoke English everywhere but at the dinner table, just like the Russians and most other immigrant populations -- and most of them don't speak Italian any more in the younger genenerations since WWII.

    If you look at the families of the presidents since the war of 1812, say, you'll find many intermarriages, and those families include Germans, English, Irish, Scots, French, and a smattering of other norther European ethnicities. The families of leaders married into the families of leaders.

    My son's father's family included relatives of I think six American presidents, and included Scots, Irish, English, and French ancestry, and among those included royal blood of England and Scotland, to round out the presidential lines.

    But they were not ethnically segregated, and if you go back into the history of European nobility -- neither were they. Your postulation doesn't hold up under traditions of exogamy in Europe either.

    I suggest you re-examine your thesis, hit, and do some research.

    1. System had to be changed. The nearer to our time the less fluctuations were.
      President is elected for masses, not for tribes. But all candidates are men of tribes. E.g. Obama hasn’t own tribe. But he has links and has commitments to tribes.
      Tribe is not closed – tribe has core and fringe. So here it is not a hole, this text is simplification; fringe is not written about.
      As a result we can see clean national tribes now. They just exist.
      If somebody has many different bloods I don’t think he is in list of main shareholders of America :-)