Monday, October 29, 2012

Questions to Sex and Rank


What types of men prefer different types of women?
Where did the ‘real men’ go?
What in the irrational behaviour of women is really irrational?
What is the cause of ‘causeless’ female aggression?
How can an effective strategy of getting acquainted be selected?
How do female preferences change with age?
By what system does the woman change her partners?
What are the causes of homosexuality?
Which husbands do wives allow mistresses?
How can the prospects of success when getting acquainted be assessed?
Why should the owner of a small penis nevertheless buy a big car?
Why should a man pay attention to trivia?
Why are mature women drawn to exotica?
What is not accurate in the phrase ‘inferiority complex’?
When does a woman want to be deceived?
Where does the norm originate?
What is not right when a woman goes hunting for skulls?
Why are talents not inherited?
How does a woman quickly lose interest in sex?
Why do women not say what they mean?
Just what kind of striptease should a mature man be shown?
What kind of family should be maintained, and what should not?
What do an aristocrat and an animal have in common?
Why should a woman lose her head?
What kind of man should not have his ear tickled?
Where does homophobia originate?
Why do some men ‘calm down’ with age and others not?
Why do men see a shortage of women, and women a shortage of men?
Who should a girl sleep with when there is no-one she loves to sleep with?
Who should a woman pleasure orally and who not?
Why does a vibrator not do the trick and how can it be made to work?
What is the meaning of meanings?
Why does the overwhelming majority of attempts by young men to get acquainted with young women fail, despite technologies?
Why do healthy people go for BDSM?
Why should one not have one’s first sexual experience with a prostitute?
Why do mature women not take an interest in young men?
How do women choose their partners?
With whom are women unfaithful, and who do they remain faithful to?
What are the criteria whereby men choose their women?
Can a woman get a man to fall in love with her? And vice versa?

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