Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why present Russia is the future of the West

Why present Russia is the future of the West

There are no eternal nations, states and civilization. And many historians wrote it before.

So, nations and civilizations must have beginning and ending.

This is Spengler’s diagram for civilization.

Spengler’s diagram can be used not only for civilization, but for nation too.

It can be noticed that civilization is a system of nation, so a civilization diagram is sum (system) of nation of civilization diagrams. Nation here and below are populations, not states.

Civilization as system of interaction of nation has more inertia and as a result is more predictable than nation. The more system is the more this system is predictable. Big nations are more predictable then small nations, because big nation have more inertia than small nations.

There is only one civilization, where we can see nations clearly. It’s Europe.

From Spengler’s diagram one can see what domination is on decreasing part of curve.

So we can build diagram, it is approximately.

And it is necessary to add that some countries didn’t get domination, but they had potential strength to dominate and had fought for domination. Those are Italy, Holland, France and Germany.

Is system working?

One can understand what in this coordinate system development is equal to degradation. Who is first in the development will be first in degradation.

Western civilization consists of three parts: Russia, Europe, and USA.

Russia was first, and then was Europe and USA at last.

Modern situation in the world is the best confirmation of theory. Russia has been dying, Europe has great problems, USA is ruling the world.

Future of Europe is present day of Russia.

Future of USA is present day of Europe, and then present day of Russia.

But there is one correction. It is globalization.

Globalization makes tendencies nearer. And as a result globalization works as accelerant of all developmental / degradation processes.

There are multitudes of different actions, which have opportunity to accelerate or decelerate time of civilization. People don’t know how it works, but any social action is accelerator or decelerator of development.

Most of tendencies of development and degradation will coincide, so tendencies can be predicted.

What is Russia? No work, no business, no money, no housing, no education, no science, no army, no information, no justice, few interesting people. Degradation and degeneration are. Most of people are ill and inadequate. Russia is a very bad place to live.

After some centuries history will begin anew. But there will be the other players.

Having known this system, everybody can predict main European and US tendencies. Moreover, if you had known history of Rome Empire, you can use not only Russian and European data, but Roman too.

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