Friday, July 8, 2011


Sergey Morozov is Russian writer, a specialist in the field of sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, popularizer of science. He is author non-fiction books "Conspiracy against the peoples of Russia now" (The clans against the peoples), 1999, published, "The mystery of eternal life", 2003. Author of the novel "The Adventures of Red Beret", 2010. All books are in open access in the Internet, but in Russian only. Morozov is creator of sociobiological concepts of "corporate-clans system," "world of fighting nations," "evolutionary highway." The author of popular articles and materials.
In Morozov`s books and articles are discussed various aspects of modern life, with a such special feature as  the state of the biological basis of society , the state of the biological parameters. According to the sociobiological concept, changes in social life provoke changes in the biological basis of this society, and vice versa. And any social change one way or another, through many intermediate links, affects the biological parameters of humans. Evaluating this kind of addiction, someone can reveal events of the past and present, explore it and make predictions.

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